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Way of Working

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This is the Way all of the concepts and terms come together and form our Way of Working. Short video coming soon.

journey Our framework is built around a transportation metaphor, the idea that you want to be immersed in Red Hat’s culture and technology to take you from one place to another.

And thus we refer to every customer engagement as a Journey.

journey The reality is that this journey, which starts when we first meet a customer through the time they finish up a residency, that journey could last a year or more.

At various points in the journey, different team members are required. So we’ve broken up the Journey into Stages, primarily to identify who is involved from both Red Hat and the customer, at each point.

journey We’ve always known that every journey is different. Every customer is different. But we still need a basic structure in order keep the Journey on track, despite the variations between Journey to Journey.

This is the idea of a Waypoint. Each Waypoint has a set of outcomes and outputs that are used to determine when the engagement reaches a certain point. No time requirements or checklist of “to dos” are identified. The outcome and output content is what matters, not HOW that gets achieved.

It is important to note that these are not set in stone and can change using a practice we call Stop The World.

journey The last concept to introduce is the Route. It’s the most concrete concept - it identifies what the set of practices you’ll use to navigate between Waypoints, but you can also add other information as needed.

Routes may satisfy multiple waypoints, one or just a part of one. It depends on the practices utilized. We are very purposeful to not identify HOW each practice is facilitated in this Open Practice Library, as facilitation changes depending on the person and the situation with the client.

We strive to create autonomy for our facilitators while maintaining consistent delivery.