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What is this Stage?

The Discovery Stage is where one looks to obtain additional information about the potential future engagement. Bringing together people from technical and business arms of the house we look to come to a shared understanding of the following:

  • Business Objectives and key business drivers
    • What metrics or measurable outcomes will be used
  • High-level view of existing technology, practices, and any constraints

At the end of this stage you should have the following outcomes:

  • Key Assumptions identified and prioritized
  • Goal or Problem Statement clearly defined
  • Shared understanding of WHY the work is important

Who Participates

Here are those who need to be included during this stage:

  • Red Hat
    • Engagement Lead
    • Architect
    • Business Development Manager
    • Territory Services Manager
    • Sales Account Team
  • Customer
    • Stakeholders (those with “skin in the game”)
    • Project Sponsor
    • Directors of Delivery
    • Directors of Infrastructure
    • Application Managers

Default Route

While there is not right or wrong way to complete this Stage and satisfy each of the Waypoints, here are a set of default practices that will complete all the Waypoints inside this stage:

Which Waypoints they particularly support completion of are found in the following diagram.

default route