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Stop the World Event

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What is it?

A “Stop the World” event is when somebody on the Team identifies that the engagement is off-course for one reason or another. The FULL Team then works together to find a compromise that is acceptable to all and continues progress towards customer success. By the end of the “Stop the World” event, the team should:

  • All be in agreement with the proposed compromise
  • Identify actions or changes and owners
  • Maintain good Psychological Safety1 among the Team

Why use “Stop the World” events?

  • There is an aspect of the engagement that is found to be missing. A key output or outcome that supports customer success.
  • A practice or an outcome needs to change based on new customer information. This change is one that would fundamentally change an output or outcome previously agreed to.
  • The delivery team skillset changes for any reason that would affect customer success.
  • Priority with the customer fundamentally changes the previously agreed direction of the delivery team.
  • An previously agreed to input to a practice is not met or will not be met
  • Closely related to how agile teams “Swarm” around problems to resolve them quickly

Who do you need?

  • Facilitator
  • Entire Team Involved

Suggested Time

  • Until Consensus is reached


  • Facilitator: Difficult
  • Participants: Moderate

Facilitation Materials Needed

  • Comfortable setting to hold a conversation among just team members
  • Additional needs determined by the team to hold the conversation

Process Phase

Any Time

External Resources

  1. What is Psychological Safety
  2. High Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety